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Noah often didn't want to get up in the mornings when that arrogant overseer, Cato, rang the bell calling the field hands to work. Being a blacksmith was easier than picking cotton--no worries about getting whipped if he didn't make weight, for one--but it was still long hours and hard work, making sure that all the horses were shoed and the tools repaired and every bit of metal on the plantation was bright and shining.

Waking up this morning was even harder. His bed felt soft, like a cloud, and his blankets like the gentlest cotton, wouldn't scratch a baby's naked ass. His sheets felt clean and crisp and the soft breathing from behind him--



Noah's eyes snapped open but he made himself lie perfectly still. Sure, last night had been one of Bareback Shaw's parties, but that didn't explain why he was asleep in one of the white folks' rooms! He didn't even wanna guess what kinda punishment that would entail if he was found here. Never mind the one he'd get for not being back in his quarters by sunup.

Another muffled noise behind him. Noah wasn't sure he wanted to look over and see who it was. He was praying that it would be another slave. Getting caught in a white woman's bed would result in something far worse than just more stripes on his back.

Maybe he could just...eeeeease on out of this bed and be out the door and on his way back to Macon before anyone was the wiser.

[For thems that live here! Also TRIGGER WARNING! Hardison is Noah from WGN's Underground and is a slave from 1850's Georgia. That means there will be references to slavery, beatings, lynchings, sexual assault and rape/coercion and pretty much every other horrible topic that comes up in conjunction with treating humans like chattel.]

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Eliot had been having the nicest dream. Maybe his subconscious had noticed the shift in the bed and decided to buffer him for what was to come?

No, probably it was just the island having a sense of irony.

Either way, he was muzzier than usual when he woke up to Hardison shifting around. So he just reached over to tug him back into place without opening his eyes, and murmured, "s'okay, darlin'. You're jus' havin' a bad dream."

His accent was extra thick when he was sleepy. It wasn't anything near a posh Georgian one, but it was unmistakably a southern drawl. . . .

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"Did you just call me 'sir'?" This was a Fandom thing, wasn't it. What the fuck had it done to them now? Eliot was waking up fast now. "Woah, just -- sit down. Who's wantin' you?"

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Eliot's understanding went from zero to oh holy fuck no extremely fast as Noah explained, and he actually flinched when the not "negroes" term came up.

This was bad. This was so very, very bad.

"I don't -- I don't have any --" Eliot shook his head hard. "Look, you're not in any trouble. I promise." He didn't really expect to be believed on that, but it was worth a shot. "But you are a long way from -- from home." Could that even be called 'home'? Oh jesus. "I'm Eliot. What, uh. What do they call you?"

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Shit shit shit.

"We're in Maryland." Eliot really wished he could say they were further north. McRory's in Boston would be great. "You ain't gonna believe me on this but it's 2017. You ain't a slave here. Your kinda slavery, it's been gone more'n 150 years."

Fuck, what was he going to do if Noah wanted to leave? Miss Parker or whatever over there he could just yell at to sit down and shut up, but he was not going to be a white guy ordering a damn slave around.

Shit shit shit shit shit. . . .

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Eliot felt sick, hearing that obsequious tone from someone who looked so much like Hardison. He sighed. "I know you've got a brain, man," he said. "Look, just -- gimme a minute to get some pants on and I'll show you." He nodded to Hardison's dresser. "Should be stuff that'll fit you in there if you want to get dressed yourself. You can take your time -- anyone comes lookin' for you, I promise they'll haveta go through me first, okay?"

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"Ain't afraid of anyone arrestin' me," Eliot said. The way he disarmed Miss Parker probably added credence to that.

He'd noticed those scars and tats; they only added to the horrible taste in the back of his mouth. "Wear whatever you want, man. I'm gonna get this 'lady' set up with some coffee. You're welcome to join us, get some food in your stomach."

And see all the high tech gadgets in the rest of the house, which might help with the whole "no really, you're in the future" thing.

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"I don't have any --" Eliot broke off sharply before using That Word. "There's no one here except you, me, the lady, and my dog." What the hell was he going to do if Noah was afraid of Val? She wasn't exactly a hunting hound, but he couldn't assume this guy didn't have bad associations with dogs. "Look. I ain't a slave owner, I'm from Oklahoma -- Indian Territory. I think slavery's disgusting. You ain't. A slave. In my house."

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Eliot rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Right. Yes, okay, that probably woulda been true. But you ain't my slave. And anyway, it's 2017, and --" Dammit. There was no actual good way to handle this was there. "Here." He picked his phone up off the nightstand, unlocked the display, and held it out for Noah to take. "What d'ya make of that, then? I'm guessin' antebellum Georgia didn't have a whole lot of smart phones."

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"Yeah, sure." Eliot didn't have anything sensitive on there -- it wasn't like he was handing Noah one of Hardison's great technical wonders or anything. "Actually, here, lemme see. . . ." He opened the photo app and scrolled through until he found a photo Parker had sneakily took a few weeks ago, of Eliot cooking dinner while Hardison worked on his laptop and fussed at him about using fancy vegetables. They were standing close together in the shot, and Eliot, at least, though they looked pretty damn smitten with each other -- or as much as you could tell from the weird high angle Parker had used. . . .

"You heard of photography?" he asked, as he held the phone out for Noah to take again. "When're you from, anyway?"
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Eliot nodded, sighing heavily. "I know, man. This ain't even close to somethin' you've ever experienced before, right? And hell, you got no reason to trust me. None at all. You want to leave, I'm not going to stop you. But it ain't gonna make any more sense out there. And I will help you if you let me."

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That was a good question.

"Explainin' things," Eliot offered. "Gettin' you some clothes, since you don't seem to have shown up with any. Some food." He offered a tentative smile. "I'm a pretty good cook, and my kitchen's fully stocked. Whatever you wanna ask me for, and if I can't do it, I'll tell you why."

He was reasonably certain that people didn't usually give explanations for things, back during the slave era. At least, not aggressively, explicitly racist ones.

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"Well hell. I ain't never had much care what the law thought of me anyway."

His accent was just getting thicker, talking to someone with a similar accent of their own. If he were wearing a hat he'd be tipping it.

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"Ain't even close to what they do to black folks," Eliot said. "And I been threatened with worse."

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