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The problem with being where everybody knows your name? Getting arrested. Hardison couldn't use any of his computer magic to convince the system they had the wrong guy, or run a quick con to get Eliot out. No, when everyone knew your name, they also tended to know what you were up to, like when you got arrested for brawling in a bar because you weren't still emotionally stunted sometimes when it came to family and--

Hardison handed over a cashier's check for the amount of bail and sighed. It just felt so dishonest, a pair of proper thieves actually paying bail.

"Just a moment," the clerk behind the desk said, slowly hunting-and-pecking her way into getting the information on her computer. With two fingers! Now there was the real crime. "You just sit tight now...Alec," she said, adjusting her glasses as she peered at the name on the ID he'd provided. Because, again, no using aliases when everyone knew who he was. "We'll get Eliot out just as soon as I'm done here."

...So sometime between now and when the sun burned out. A'ight.

"Sho thing," he said with a charming smile. "I'll just wait here then."
Who gets arrested under their REAL NAME?! )

[Preplayed with the amazing [ profile] vdistinctive, and NFB/NFI applies]
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After Hardison got home from the diner, Eliot had summarized the conversation he'd had with Sparkle about his sister, mostly going over the points that were relevant to find her. He hadn't even gotten halfway through the it before Hardison had pulled out his laptop and started the searches, narrowing down options with every detail Eliot provided.

Still, of those details, there weren't many and most were years out of date, which meant the search had taken a long time--by which Hardison meant more than a few hours. But even with the extended timeframe, the end result was the same: he had a hit. (Technically, he had several, but this one wasn't just the most promising, it was straight-up promising.)

"Eliot!" he called. "You wanna grab Sparkle? I'm pretty sure I found his sister."

Family is complicated )

[Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] vdistinctive, [ profile] whoisalicewhite, and [ profile] myownface. Broadcast fine, NFI, OOC is love]


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