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Hardison was, not-so-coincidentally enough, parked in the same spot on the Causeway that he'd been when he opened the portal to bring Raven home. "So, I got the basic coordinates for this version of Los Angeles, but not ones that are specific to Griffith's Observatory," he said, fingers flying over the keys. "I can put you within somethin' like five square miles of the park, but that's the best I got for you. So, worse case scenario, you got five miles of zombies to fight your way through. An' then back again once you got her."

Which, if you asked him, sounded like the plot of a horror movie and he was not really thrilled about sending his partners, his TA, and a bunch of students right in the middle of it. At least Alluka was staying where he could keep an eye on her...

...Even if she was more than a little creepy right now, yeah.

"I'm just about finished here," he said, putting in the last of the calculations so that no one arrived with an arm sticking out of their head or made of green jello or something. "Y'all should probably make sure everyone is on the same page before y'all head out."

Last chance to get off the ride )

[NFI and everything in the second table is NFB as well. OOC is love, though! Preplayed with [ profile] whoisalicewhite, [ profile] tigerundercover/[ profile] vdistinctive, [ profile] rebelseekspizza, [ profile] not_every_mage, and [ profile] soniaroadsqueen, all of whom are rockstars. Bits of text adapted from Chapter Twenty-Two of Ex-Heroes, by Peter Clines. Buckle up, kids, it's gonna be a long ride. Apologies to your f-lists in advance.]


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